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Coverage in the media | Seeds in Chernobyl

Coverage in the media

Astrobiology Magazine: Radiation No Concern for Space Crops?

BBC: Chernobyl plant life endures radioactivity

CNN: Chernobyl: Environmental dead zone or eco-haven?

Discover magazine: Chernobyl’s Radioactive Fallout Produces Tough, Post-Nuclear Soybeans

Journal of Proteome Research: Proteomics of Chernobyl-grown seeds gives hints about adaptation to radiation

mnn (mother nature network): Would you eat soybeans grown in Chernobyl?

New Scientist: Chernobyl fallout could drive evolution of 'space plants'

PhysOrg: Radiation no concern for space crops.

PhysOrg: Discovery of the secrets that enable plants near Chernobyl to shrug off radiation.

PhysOrg: Solving the mystery of how plants survive near Chernobyl.

Science: How Plants Survived Chernobyl

Science Daily: How Plants Near Chernobyl Shrug Off Radiation.

Softpedia: Soybean Could Be the Toughest Plant in the World Could Astronaut Crops Survive Space Radiation?

The New York Times: Plants Near Chernobyl Appear to Grow a Shield

The Hindu: Soybean plants at Chernobyl produce fertile seeds

The Hindu: Soybean plant adapts itself to Chernobyl.

University of Missouri: Nuked plants near Chernobyl have adjusted to radiation?

University of Missouri (Biochemistry): Plants grown near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster have adjusted to the radiation there

Welt Online: Pflanzen passen sich Radioaktivität an.

Wired:  If plants can survive at Chernobyl, could they grow in space?

Wired Science: Soybeans Grow Where Nuclear Waste Glows.