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Flax - third generation | Seeds in Chernobyl

Flax - third generation

Interactive protein 2-DE gel

The aim of this research research was to extend our analyses to include seed development/filling by a third generation of flax plants.  For this experiment, developing seed were harvested at 2, 4, and 6 weeks after flowering (WAF) and in mature seeds (M) from radioactive (RA) and non-radioactive (NRA) experimental fields established in the Chernobyl area in 2009.  Following same experimental set-up as in second generation, total 130 paired abundance profiles were established, i.e. profiles for the same spot across seed filling in non-radioactive and radio-contaminated experimental fields.  Based on statistical analysis, 39 of the paired abundance profiles were discordant.  Interestingly, the results from tandem mass spectrometry showed that half of the discordant profiles were identified as cupins, major seed allergens and a functionally diverse protein family.

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Gábrišová D, Klubicová K, Danchenko M, Gömöry D, Berezhna VV, Skultety L, Miernyk JA, Rashydov N, Hajduch M. 2016. Do Cupins Have a Function Beyond Being Seed Storage Proteins? Front. Plant Sci. 6:1215